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Four separate free 3-week workshops are being offered for experimenting with harnessing the power of talking out loud with Teddy Bear Talk Support, a framework for benefiting from listeners who only listen, or only do a few other limited things, like ask open, honest questions, and make guesses about what seemed important.

Registration for the workshops is appreciated, but not required. Click here to register.

Please be punctual as we will be splitting into breakout rooms at the start.

Workshop description

With Teddy Bear Talk Support, "teddy bears" are primarily engaged in actively listening to a talker, but they may also be asked to provide other kinds of fodder for what the talker is saying. In this workshop, we'll be exploring the limited things that teddy bears can be asked to do, and we'll be offering ample opportunities to experience both the talker and teddy bear roles during our activities. As teddy bears, we'll be learning how to support the talker without bringing in our own agendas.  How do we keep it about them and not us (and what we might do or what we might be interested in)?

Examples of some different things that teddy bears might be asked to do:

  • do some paraphrasing of parts of what the talker said
  • offer some open, honest questions (and perhaps offer the questions in writing)
  • make guesses at what's at the bottom of what the talker is talking about
  • serve as a scribe by writing down the parts of what the talker is saying that they ask you to
  • make guesses at what feelings and needs are underlying what the talker is saying

Examples of some things that a talker might talk through with their teddy bear:

  • Whatever thoughts come to mind as they try to wade in when they're not sure where to start
  • Prioritizing their day
  • Making their intentions clearer with an email they just finished drafting out
  • Reflecting on a parenting decision or a conversation they need to have
  • Thinking through purchasing something
  • Imagining how to navigate choppy waters with co-workers or family members
  • Dealing with a small task that has been a thorn in their side
  • Handling a major life issue

For parents

Since we are whole people and not just parents, it's possible that just the idea of easily accessible opportunities to talk to adult humans (whether it be about parenting or about ideas outside of parenting) might be what is most attractive about Teddy Bear Talk Support.

But, besides using Teddy Bear Talk Support with adults, you can also serve as a teddy bear for your child or have them serve as a teddy bear for you. Imagine the possibilities this offers for transforming how you engage with your child. What can happen when you ask your child to serve as a teddy bear for you? Perhaps it can give them opportunities to be helpful to you. Perhaps having your child role play someone else can help with giving them different perspectives.

Listening is a powerful gift we can offer each other. How can experimenting with Teddy Bear Talk Support make it so listening works its magic for you more often?

Sunday workshop for everyone

Monday workshop for parents

Sunday workshop for parents

Wednesday workshop for parents

Interested in future offerings?


If you have questions, contact Leeann Fu by phone at (734) 237-7676 or by email at