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Teddy Bear Talk Support is a simple idea that is meant to be shared widely. The idea and this website were created by Leeann Fu.

Teddy Bear Talk Support should be easy to implement with just about anyone, which means you can do it with people you already know whom you can make arrangements with yourself.

There are also opportunities to engage in Teddy Bear Talk Support on Zoom with the bookable times that Leeann has made available. Calling on the phone to talk with an on-call person is also a possibility. Take a look at the "on-call" times that are currently available for allowing talkers to call and talk to a teddy bear without having to arrange anything beforehand. With all of these opportunities, we will be splitting the time between the participants so that everyone gets a turn to be the talker. That's one reason why there is no charge for participating in these opportunities.

Workshops are also another way to engage in Teddy Bear Talk Support.

Leeann can be reached by phone at (734) 237-7676 or by email at teddybear@teddybeartalk.com